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So, how awesome were the Olympics? I mean, really. I didn’t get to watch a lot of it because a) the coverage in the States is truly awful and b) in the middle of it all I went to 15 movies, but still. Pretty great. And as an American living close to Canada, I was most pleased with the results. USA with the record number of medals? Canada with the record number of golds? The USA forcing the hockey game to OT to make Canada fight for the win? Basically, so far as I am concerned, that’s pretty much the best way it could go. Well done, everyone.

I am a sucker for the whole thing, though. I blame the fact that I had bronchitis for the entire Lillehammer games, and thus am fairly sure that I watched every minute of coverage.

Of course, the most important thing about the Olympics is that they are a pretty fantastic opportunity to get some crafting done. To that end, I participated in the Ravelympics again, and I will tell you all about it after the jump. (BTW, I just changed the RSS to full posts, so a) we’ll see how it handles the jump and b) sorry if there’s feed barf. These things happen.)

I knew that I was going to be away from home a lot during the two weeks, thanks mostly to Noir City, so I thought a crocheted sweater would be a good way to challenge myself. I’ve never crocheted a sweater before, crochet fabric behaves in a different way than knit fabric, and, well, I just didn’t know what I was getting into exactly.


Turns out what I was getting into was MAD EASY. I was a third of the way into it the first Sunday of the Olympics.

Chevron Lace Cardigan, City Tweed DK:


I didn’t actually finish it until the 27th, mostly because I had a crochet hook crisis. Plus, I actually still have to block it and add buttons. Not that that gets in the way of me wearing it, mind you. City Tweed is fabulous. I want to make something in the heavy worsted next.

So, with all that Ravelympics time left, what’s a girl to do? Find a new challenge, is what. I thought it was high time I tackled one of the patterns from my sock club. This is the Winding Path Sock in Three Irish Girls Kells, the (CS) Lewis colorway. Hence, Oxford Walking Socks:

oxfordwalkingsocks0002 & oxfordwalkingsocks0004

These are fabulous, squishy socks, and the color is lovely. Hard to photograph, though. The detail shot is closer, but still not quite it.

Of course, socks this fabulous mean that I have to cart a chart around with me, which was not going to work out so well with ten days of movies. So I started a *third* Ravelympics project: Stephen Colbert’s Ravelympic Dream socks. They’re in Risata, yarn I bought on impulse to get my last KnitPicks order up to free shipping. I modified them to make them toe-up, with a purled gusset heel. (Which is my new favorite heel, by the way. So lovely!)

stephencolbertsocks0001 & stephencolbertsocks0002

They were a lot of fun, and since the point of the pattern is that you start out in a 2×2 rib and then cable whenever and however you darn well please, it was pretty much the perfect pattern for a week of movies.

You’d think that would be enough to fill 17 or so days of knitting, right? Well, almost. I finished all of those on Saturday evening, which left me an entire day of knitting free and clear! I took a look at my WIPs and fished out my Baudelaire socks. One sock was finished, the other had only a toe so far. Perfect. Finished last night at about 11, while watching, to my great shame, Men With Brooms.


And that is it for Olympic knitting til London 2012. The FO threads on Ravelry have been pretty inspiring. Who’s in for a Traveling Woman KAL? C’mon. And I’ve already picked out my NaKniSweMo project for this year: The Dude. No, really.

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  1. kat

    Yay! Projects! I think I might try NaKniSweMo again this year. My Ravelympics progress was inspiring. 🙂


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