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[Worth Getting Up For: The Autumn]

November 30th, 2013 | No Comments

I lost a lot of things so far this year, and the rest of my time I spent worrying that I’m going to lose what little I have left. I’m stuck in the tunnel and there is no light, but that seems like the best time to catalog reasons to get up in the morning.

Coffee from my coffee sock, better than drip, better than French press, better than anything. Free building wifi if I sit by my front door. Box sets of comfort television. My November Needle Harvest, which yielded a blanket, a sweater (not for me), two scarves, a hat, & a pair of fingerless mitts for the gift box.

Not thinking about weaving in those 450 or so yarn ends.

My yarn stash, so I can knit, even with no money. My tea stash. Those gift cards I was saving for a rainy day.

Twitter. Stills of Hiddleston in Coriolanus. The library. Audiobook downloads. The Hunger Games. Ridiculous television, brilliant television, rules about television. Trying to write again.

Getting out of town, north for a wedding reception, south for the sausage festival. Not a euphemism. Fudge made by Very Christian Women. And speaking of Christians, the pope, just in general.

Seattle being Seattle. Voting in an actual socialist to the city council. Gorgeous autumn weather.

SIFF. My volunteer job at the Uptown making me leave the apartment at least once a week. Movies & popcorn whenever I need them. A volunteer partner who might be single handedly getting me to eat a balanced diet. 80s movies. Terrible movies. Amazing movies.

SLGFF. Working with bold & beautiful people. Not actually seeing many movies, and that being perfectly fine. The Northwest Film Forum, house managers who bring me coffee, walks back and forth across Capitol Hill, skirts & leggings.

A Peter Mulvey show. Weekly trips to Baltimore. A mad, fan-filled Saturday of Who magic for the 50th anniversary theatrical simulcast. There being no such thing as too much Doctor Who knitwear.

I’m still here. I don’t want to go.

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