[Worth Getting Up For: The Winter]

With the understanding that we are well into spring in Seattle, and possibly a bit into summer as it was over 80 today, I thought it was still important to note what was worth getting up for this winter. It was a hard autumn and a a hard winter, and it is worth remembering what got me through.

Friends who kept me alive, especially D, S, T, & the all the kids at SIFF, where everybody knows your name. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary simulcast, for just the fun of the day out with friends, for the ridiculousness of the show, and for a multiplex overrun with cosplay and all the best kinds of nerds. Our first live trip to Night Vale, with Jason Webley as the Weather bringing me back almost fifteen years to those late nights at Bumbershoot and Folklife. The Sci Fi Fantasy Short Film Festival, another grand day out, and the twitter wall. The most excellent developing Christmas tradition of Fiddler on the Roof, Chinese food at the cinema, and recommending favorite Christmas films to Jewish friends in line. Doctor Who improv for my birthday, and encountering the TARDIS. Powering through the Noir City marathon, 16 films in 5 days. Knitting. Comfort treks through audiobooks like His Dark Materials, The Dark Is Rising, and Jonathan Strange. Pour-over coffee. Homicide: Life on the Street and a lot of Feelings about Bayliss & Pembleton. Volunteering constantly. Free movies & popcorn.

Finally getting a job.

[Worth Getting Up For: The Autumn]

I lost a lot of things so far this year, and the rest of my time I spent worrying that I’m going to lose what little I have left. I’m stuck in the tunnel and there is no light, but that seems like the best time to catalog reasons to get up in the morning.

Coffee from my coffee sock, better than drip, better than French press, better than anything. Free building wifi if I sit by my front door. Box sets of comfort television. My November Needle Harvest, which yielded a blanket, a sweater (not for me), two scarves, a hat, & a pair of fingerless mitts for the gift box.

Not thinking about weaving in those 450 or so yarn ends.

My yarn stash, so I can knit, even with no money. My tea stash. Those gift cards I was saving for a rainy day.

Twitter. Stills of Hiddleston in Coriolanus. The library. Audiobook downloads. The Hunger Games. Ridiculous television, brilliant television, rules about television. Trying to write again.

Getting out of town, north for a wedding reception, south for the sausage festival. Not a euphemism. Fudge made by Very Christian Women. And speaking of Christians, the pope, just in general.

Seattle being Seattle. Voting in an actual socialist to the city council. Gorgeous autumn weather.

SIFF. My volunteer job at the Uptown making me leave the apartment at least once a week. Movies & popcorn whenever I need them. A volunteer partner who might be single handedly getting me to eat a balanced diet. 80s movies. Terrible movies. Amazing movies.

SLGFF. Working with bold & beautiful people. Not actually seeing many movies, and that being perfectly fine. The Northwest Film Forum, house managers who bring me coffee, walks back and forth across Capitol Hill, skirts & leggings.

A Peter Mulvey show. Weekly trips to Baltimore. A mad, fan-filled Saturday of Who magic for the 50th anniversary theatrical simulcast. There being no such thing as too much Doctor Who knitwear.

I’m still here. I don’t want to go.

[Worth Getting Up For: The Autumn]

* Labor Day weekend of MST3K Gamera & an introduction to Homicide. Not at the same time.

* Dan Mangan & Rhett Miller at the Triple Door. Thank heavens for advance tickets, or I might have talked myself out of going to this at the last minute, and that would have been tragic. Dan played his last song out in the audience, standing on a table in the first row of booths, something I’ve never seen there before. Rhett wound up doing two songs off mic & acoustic thanks to technical difficulties. They were both fantastic.

* The Puyallup Fair for the first time in *years*. The more things change, the more the Puyallup stays the same. Fair food! Rides (including my favorite, the classic wooden roller coaster)! Handcrafts! Random, purely American ridiculousness! And this year, much needed purchases of a grey fedora & a plaid belt for my Cocky buckle.

* Seeing Drive with Joy, & then having to explain the plot on the car ride home because she spent half of the movie with her coat over her head. (I thought it was a great movie. But it is a little bit on the blood-soaked side.)

* Erin‘s reading at Elliott Bay, & finishing the rêveur scarf just in time to show it off. Next goal: writing up the pattern. And I suppose taking photos would also be a good idea.

* My first year attending MIFFF (the Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival), which was a total treat. Click through for my post on that.

* A week in NYC, mostly helping Kat pack up her entire life & move across the world. The only picture I took was of a gluten free cookie label so I could remember the brand. Oops! But in addition to the packing and cleaning and moving we did a bunch of awesome stuff, including eating All of the Tacos and the Gluten Free Cupcakes, checking out Pig: A Restaurant at the UCB theater, attending the Peter Mulvey concert at ChurchKorner (which would be pretty fantastic on its own, but especially because it turned into a mini-Fruhead reunion), the obligatory trip to the Strand, an adventure to New Jersey, finally seeing Times Square, hanging out with yogis, and most of all, forking over the extra dough for the priority admission to Sleep No More. Ask either of us about it some time and we will rave about it forever.

* Then we came back to Seattle & headed to a lovely weekend up in BC, even though everyone was sick. Julie’s house is the best place to be sick at. She takes very good care of us! Kat & I had some Seattle adventures, and now she is off around the world, which will be her Worth Getting Up For for the entire next year or more.

* The new National Theatre Live season, kicking off with One Man, Two Guvnors, then The Kitchen. I’m so glad that SIFF booked the series again this year. The member pass is $75 for… 5 plays? Cheaper than going to London, for sure.

* The Cinerama‘s 70mm festival, with Lawrence of Arabia on the gigantic curved screen. It was the third time I’ve seen it, the third time I’ve seen it *there*, and I can’t imagine seeing it anywhere else. I also finally saw Playtime & Tron, which was great. Playtime I had tried to watch on DVD once and could not do it. If you ever have the chance to see a Tati film in the theater, you must take it. It is the only way to see them.

* Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, where I kicked it up a notch & was volunteer staff, which meant I spent a more time selling tickets than seeing films. Which was fine! I actually quite like working box office & will call at festivals. People tend to be super nice, both the film goers and the other volunteers.

* The reopening of the Uptown Cinema by SIFF. I promptly moved in, as you can all see on Twitter. No really. I am the mayor & everything.

* Halloween awesomeness, including my witch-playing-electric-guitar pumpkin.

* Peter Mulvey again, this time on my coast at the Fremont Abbey, a lovely small concert space. I’ll have to pay better attention to their calendar; sadly I missed Jeffrey Foucault there.

* Muppets! Three weekends of them at SIFF, then midnight at the Cinerama. My crush on Jason Segel is nearly unmanageable.

* Another non-traditional Thanksgiving, with a Friendsgiving on Wednesday night, brunch on Thursday, and Black Friday starting Thursday night. No, really. Judge away — everyone else has — but now I have a Wii. So bite me.

* Cinderella at the Fifth Avenue, mostly because my office got tickets to the final dress rehearsal, and so we got to see many children have their first live theater experience. Super cute!

…and that’s it for now! Stay tuned for Worth Getting Up For: The Winter which will likely include Twilight, the holidays, my birthday, and probably a movie or seventeen.

[Worth Getting Up For: The Summer]

GUYS. How did it get to be September? Heavens. Seattle kids are going back to school today, so let’s talk about What I Did This Summer!

* The rest of SIFF. Total of 50 features, including the marathon Best of SIFF weekend. Posts about Half of the Things under my SIFF 2011 tag here. More are coming; also note the film blog’s URL change.

* Awesome other things in the theater, including Company (so exciting because I love the show but have never actually seen it, so this was as close as I could get), Lord of the Rings extended editions & All of the Harry Potter (well, five of them in the theater), including the midnight HP7P2. Neville forever!

* Vancouver Folk Music Festival, with a surprise appearance (to us) of our boyfriend Nathan Rogers in his new band, Dry Bones. First time seeing Danny Michel live in roughly ten years of being a fan. Came home with CDs from Dry Bones, Graveyard Train, & The Burning Hell despite the tight budget. I had an amazing time, as always, and thanks to the rain this year felt freer to check out other stages. I could be damp at any stage, whereas in the past I had to strategize to keep from spending too much time in the sun. Also fabulous, of course, spending time with friends I pretty much only see at festival time.

* Finally meeting my OddDaughter during a lovely week in July when she & her parents visited from England. It is very hard having them so far away!

* Argentina for two weeks, mostly in Buenos Aires but with a bus trip up to Iguazu for the waterfalls of extreme amazing. Proper post on that to follow later, I swear. There are pictures and everything.

* A friend’s bachelorette hafla, worth the trip to Belltown for all the lovely dancing ladies. I’m sorry I only got to stay for the first part of the show thanks to my jetlag.

* My traditionally chill weekend with a friend down from Canada, marking the end of the summer.

* All of the things at Central Cinema as usual, including a pajama party where I wrote a poem about Heath Ledger & a movie trivia night where we were slaughtered by Ken Jennings. Also the most dangerous discovery that a) the walk from my apartment is a very satisfying & doable 35 minutes each way and b) that for chill movies I do not feel at all awkward going by myself.

Meep meep!

[Worth Getting Up For: The Spring]

* Joy tearing a phone book in half, per the instructions on my awesome wall calendar.

* Mardi Gras aerial show at Emerald City Trapeze Arts!

* One of four Seattle tapings of “America’s Got Talent”. No, really.

* Moving into Central Cinema for Movie Cat Trivia, pajama parties, Pride & Prejudice, etc etc etc!

* Sarah Vowell reading at Town Hall (and dealing with the inevitably ridiculous Seattle Q&A.)

* Work trip to Vancouver WA, with a day in Portland (Traveling by train! Powell’s! Knit Purl! Burgerville! The Beverly Cleary Sculpture Park!)

* Danny Boyle weekend (including Frankenstein twice (!!)) and the Charlie Chaplin festival (so many movies! such beautiful 35mm prints!) and The Adventures of Prince Achmed (with a live score of awesome!), all at SIFF Cinema.

* Easter weekend trip to Abbotsford BC, and finally getting to see Julie ref at roller derby. Go Vixens!

* The Magic Flute at Seattle Opera (final dress rehearsal, just like when I was in school!)

* The first week of the Seattle International Film Festival (movies, volunteer shifts, and exchanging pleasantries with a certain Ewan McGregor!)

* Finally (you have no idea) getting social media accounts for the office! Like us on Facebook (content is coming, I swear) & follow us on Twitter! Joy is holding down the fort while I’m on vacation, but I am looking forward to getting involved when I get back.

* Scheduling awesome things for the summer & autumn! Stay tuned!

…weirdly, I continue to be far more present on Twitter than anywhere else on the internet. See you there!

[Poem in Your Pocket Day]

Poem in Your Pocket Day came two weeks early this year! What’s up with that?

This year I’m going classic and pocket-sized, with my main man, Gerard Manley Hopkins:


A nun takes the veil

I have desired to go
Where springs not fail,
To fields where flies no sharp and sided hail
And a few lilies blow.

And I have asked to be
Where no storms come,
Where the green swell is in the havens dumb,
And out of the swing of the sea.


What’s your poem this year?

[In Which I Knit All of the Socks]

I still have a stack of shawls, a few pairs of armwarmers (thanks to the obvious challenge of shooting one’s own hands), and two hats (possibly only one now, since I appear to have lost one) waiting to be photographed, but this weekend the sun briefly appeared and I took pictures of ALL OF THE SOCKS.

As always, click through to embiggen, & all the projects are on Ravelry, though notes might leave a little something to be desired. For example, probably very few of the published patterns were written toe-up. That is probably a good follow-up project. Anyway!

Chroma Striped Socks, same concept as the Noro stripey socks, but with a variation in the stripe pattern. Also toe-up, obviously. Colorway is “Galapagos”, which I may have selected mostly for Stephen Maturin-related reasons. Don’t judge.

chromastripedsocks0001 & chromastripedsocks0002

Ravenclaw striped socks out of a mystery yarn. I’m sure the label is on my desk at home. Ah well. The weird bit on the grey toe is some out-of-control sun. Second shot is a detail of the jogless color change. Which apparently needed a bit of a block. Oops.

ravenclawstripedsocks0001 & ravenclawstripedsocks0002

Slip-stitch socks from Hazel Knits sock yarn, “Hometeam Baseball” colorway (Go Mariners!)

slipintobasesocks0001 & slipintobasesocks0002

Finally I am, as we all know, addicted to Knitpicks’ Felici sock yarn. This batch has three pairs of Felici socks.

First, Smoking Hot Socks, possibly my first miter experience? I really enjoyed the squishiness of the slipped-stitch pattern on the foot.

redhotsocks0001 & redhotsocks0002

Second, Taffy Ripple socks. Yes, they are pink. I think they will look ridiculously cute with my kelly green Chucks. This pattern, though, was just about the death of me with all the purl rows. I thought I would never finish these socks. My favorite detail is one I added: the no-purl garter-in-the-round on the top of the cuff.

strawberrytaffysocks0001 & strawberrytaffysocks0002

After the grind that was those purl rows, it was amazing how fast I flew through these Waterloose socks. Back to my old knitting form! And yet, I did throw in a purl row. This particular Feather & Fan version needed it.

underwatersocks0001 & underwatersocks0002

…and that is all for now! Socks in the works at the moment include some delicious cabled socks in Three Irish Girls, simple two panel socks in Goth Socks, the infamous Doctor Who kneesocks, and mindless Jaywalkers in Felici sport. Plus a pair of Cookie A socks in Socks that Rock, which are finished, but needed to actually be blocked. Of all things!

It looks like all of these have more-or-less the toe-up gusset heel I learned on Baudelaire last winter. Some of the in-progress socks sport a purled gusset, which I think is a nice detail. All the toes are the same: figure 8 cast-on of 10 stitches. Bind-off is Grumperina’s stretchy bind-off. Oh, I do love sock knitting. Best!

[Crafting for Other People]

I have a ridiculous amount of unphotographed knitting — which should not be at all surprising when you consider how long it’s been since I’ve posted any here — but once I got all organized to shoot at least some of it, the weather refused to cooperate.

However, I did finally upload about six months worth of photos to Flickr, so there’s a little blog fodder there. Today, Stuff Wot I Made For Other Folks. Click through to embiggen!

Pond Friends stacking toy [Ravelry link] for my coworker’s baby on her first birthday. It was made for her, but it lives in my office, so that there is a toy for her when she visits me.

stacking toy & stacking closeup

My best friend had a baby this fall, so of course she got a bunny…

bunnyforb0001 & bunnyforb0002

And also nerdy (and rather inappropriate) onesies. The first three were painted by Kat, and the latter three by me. Points if you get all the references.

onesiesofawesome0002 & onesiesofawesome0001

A Doctor Who cross-stitch for my friend Joy on her birthday. SO much fun to design and stitch! A little dangerous, because I have so many other ideas, and it would be far too easy to spend all of my time designing and making nerdy cross-stitch pieces/


And a Christmas TARDIS.


Whew! That is a lot of baby and nerd craft action! Coming someday, if it ever stops raining, ALL OF THE SOCKS AND LACE. And maybe some of my sock yarn blanket, which is currently just a box full of beautiful, colorful squares.

[Worth Getting Up For: The Winter]

* Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition (as an observer, not a participant, never fear).

* Christmas with family in Quincy (a lovely weekend and a beautiful bus trip across Stevens Pass), New Year’s with friends in Abbotsford BC (finally meeting their new family!).

* Hamlet, Fela!, & King Lear (National Theatre Live at SIFF Cinema is the greatest thing)

* Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Cymbeline (thanks, Seattle Comp Tickets!)

* Cinerama reopening as in independent cinema. So far I’ve enjoyed Harry Potter, the Sci Fi & Fantasy Short Film Festival, Black Swan, and their delicious chocolate popcorn.

* Finally discovering Central Cinema. Die Hard! Earth Girls Are Easy! And cinnamon sugar popcorn! (I detect a theme.)

* EMP|SFM on Free First Thursday for the Battlestar Galactica exhibit. Not, I feel, worth the admission if that’s all you’re going for, as it’s quite small. This Thursday is your last free chance! However, I cannot lie. I may have made a quite embarrassing noise when I saw Callum Keith Rennie’s Leoben Conoy costume. Once a fangirl, always a fangirl. Also, I got a free Adama poster. Win!

* The fifth year of Noir City, a week of hard-boiled detectives, femme fatales, and regular Joes caught up in the inevitable seedy underbelly.

* Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat, even though as usual I took no classes. Also, knitting group starting up again!

…and most of all, visiting Kat in New York for my birthday. Gluten free deliciousness everywhere! Snow & Skype & knitting! The Transit Museum of Awesome! The Strand! My third tattoo! Sadly, the snow failed to cancel my flight & I had to come home. Woe.

[Four of the best things in 2010]

* Best moment at the movies: the guy who yelled out “It’s not what it looks like!” at Splice.

* Best moment in music: Nathan Rogers leading a singalong of “Northwest Passage” at Vancouver Folk Music Festival.

* Best exchange on Twitter. Seriously, it still makes me giggle:

Best thing on my Twitter in 2010

* Best thing on the internet: the Wimbledon Isner/Mahut liveblog of doom